“The Two Of Us” – 2018 Watercolor – 19 x 25″ – Artist’s Private Collection

I capture moments in watercolor.  Whether an old barn, a beloved family pet, fishermen on a pier or children on the beach, I believe there is a personal story to be told through color, motion and character.

When I paint, I love a big, water-filled brush and strive to create an abstract, fresh feel in my work.  The simple look of an eye, a wag of a tail or even a full, color-filled brush stroke can showcase the narrative of a piece and hopefully entice the viewer to return for another look.   And if one looks very closely, they will also find a surprise bit of whimsy in my each of my paintings.  As part of my signature, I hide a paintbrush in every piece, something my kids told me to do years ago, and I encourage all of my buyers to ‘find their personal paintbrush!’

I have painted throughout Virginia and the Outer Banks and have buyers from Boston to South Carolina.  I accept a limited number of commissions annually and am represented by the Midlothian Art Academy   Feel free to contact me directly at christiejoneswatercolors@gmail.com and thank you for your interest in my art!